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Certified Organic Flower Bulbs


 Why organic flower bulbs?

We don't eat flowers so why does organic matter? Did you know that bees, birds and butterflies are in danger because of systemic pesticides used in conventional (flower) farming? They collect pollen, eat seeds and drink the water that is contaminated with pesticide runoff. Even if you don't spray in your own garden, the seeds and bulbs you plant often have these pesticidrs hidden in them. Recent studies show that most conventional flowers, seeds and bulbs are treated with bee killing pesticides. We started EcoTulips because we believe pesticides don’t belong in our gardens where our children play and bees pollinate.

Our tulips featured in Organic Gardening Magazine

Most people don’t realize that the pesticides used to grow flowers are just as dangerous as the ones used on our food and make it back to us one way or another. Certified organic bulbs are grown in healthy soil without harmful pesticides. We are choosing to change the world for the better one bulb at a time.

 Organic Bulbs vs. Conventional Bulbs:

  • Organic bulbs are not treated with systemic insecticides which are proven to harm bees & other pollinators
  • Organic bulbs are grown by farmers who create healthy ecosystems; this helps fish, birds, pollinators and all other living beings.
  • Organic bulbs produce brighter, longer lasting flowers. Healthy Soil=Healthy Plants.
  • Organic bulbs are grown by farmers who create healthy soil by feeding the "Soil Food Web"
  • Organic bulb farmers are paid fair prices and aren't exposed to harmful pesticides. Many pesticides are linked to cancer and other diseases like Parkinson's disease.

 Organic Gardening Magazine

We are incredibly proud to be featured in Organic Gardening Magazine (Now Rodale's Organic Life). The article "Meet the New Organic Tulips" was part of their Oct/Nov 2014 edition. Click on the pictures below to read the complete article.

organic-gardening-magazine-300.jpg octobernovember2014.jpg organic-gardening-magazine-ogm-article-300.jpg

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