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Locally grown flowers and flower bulbs


Why you'll love local flowers

wickedtulips-icon-png15x15.png Better quality

Most of our bulbs are grown right here in the U.S. in healthy New England soil! We do not use synthetic fungicides,

herbicides, or pesticides in the production of our flower bulbs. Instead, we enhance the soils natural fertility, which boosts its immune system. As a result our bulbs are more resistant to diseases and pests. We will still continue to import some of our bulbs from eco-minded farmers in Holland and have each variety labled so you know which is which. 

Holland has been known for its quality flower bulbs, but in our opinion this statement is becoming a thing of the past. Do you remember your grandma's garden, where tulips popped up every year? Nowadays Dutch tulips don't perennialize very well. Why is this? There are many reasons including that most tulips are bred for the cut flower industry not the garden, but the bottom line is that Dutch Tulips just do not perform as well as they used to and are more prone to disease.

wickedtulips-icon-png15x15.png Unique varieties

We grow what you love! When you go to a farmers market, you see a wide selection of different foods that you can’t necessarily get at the supermarket and if you do it doesn’t have the same amazing taste. We want you to have that same experience with our flowers but instead of flavor (although tulip petals are edible) it's amazing fragrance, color and size. The benefit of being a local grower is that we connect with our customers. We understand what you want and that is not the same old boring bouquet. You want dazzling color, wide variety, sweet fragrance and a simple beauty that knocks your socks off. 

Unfortunately, large scale growers do not have the opportunity to connect with their customers, because they sell to the mass (super)markets. Most large scale farmers focus almost solely on cost price and grow only varieties that are the most profitable. This is one of the reasons it is hard to find fragrant tulips (yes, tulips can be fragrant) because these might not be the most profitable and for that reason you never see them! Our mission is to bring you tulips in all shapes, colors and sizes that will tantalize all your senses. Our specialty is fragrant, double and perennial tulips.


Organic Gardening Magazine 2014-Meet the NEW Organic Tulips

wickedtulips-icon-png15x15.png Better for the environment

Our farm is located within the boundaries of Snake Den State Park. It is our mission to help restore the habitat and ecosystem for the bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators. A healthy habitat is vital for biodiversity. Biodiversity is crucial to sustainable farming.

wickedtulips-icon-png15x15.png Support the local economy

Agriculture is the nation’s number one employer, providing more than 23 million jobs in American. When you buy local farm products, you are helping ensure that these jobs will be there tomorrow.

Interested in volunteering and seeing firsthand what we are doing? We farm the old fashioned way and many hands are needed during our harvest season. We could use your help this summer! Contact us at keriann@ecotulips.com.

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